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Spiritual counseling is a practice that acknowledges the connection between the mind, body, and spirit. It is rooted in the belief that every person has an inner wisdom that can guide them towards their highest potential. By tapping into this inner wisdom, individuals can find purpose and meaning in their lives.

In a spiritual counseling session, we use various techniques to help the individual explore their beliefs and values. This may include meditation, prayer, visualization, or other forms of spiritual practice. This could also be as simple as the individual reflecting on their life experiences and how they have shaped their beliefs and values.

One of the critical benefits of spiritual counseling is that it can help individuals find a sense of peace and acceptance. Individuals can learn to let go of negative emotions and limiting beliefs holding them back by connecting with their inner wisdom. This can lead to greater self-awareness, self-acceptance, and a more profound sense of connection to the world around them.

Overall, spiritual counseling provides a safe and supportive space for individuals to explore their spiritual beliefs and values. It is a powerful tool for personal growth and transformation and can help individuals find greater meaning and purpose in their lives.

Yoga Therapy is offered to ground and open up to tapping into that inner wisdom. However, yoga is not required to engage in Spiritual Counseling.

Michele D. Briones is an LCPC, Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, Yoga Instructor, Life Coach, and Consultant. Since 2010, Michele has helped hundreds of clients transform their lives through various modalities including: movement and mindset.

Yoga Therapy before a counseling session can support clients in having a better awareness and openness to understand self and experiences that are not necessarily available without the body connection. The body and mind are more aligned for a deeper understanding and healing possibility. It is the mind, body, soul connection that drives this transformation.

Michele is passionate about helping people create the life and body they love, on their terms. She combines the clinical application of behavioral change and movement with real-time experience and mindset work to assist clients in making changes on their terms. One size does not fit all. Michele will meet you where you are physically and emotionally and help you design a treatment plan to live this life on your own terms.

Group and Private Yoga Therapy are offered. Please call the office to inquire, 630-251-5103. A treatment plan will be created to fit your unique situation to do this life your way. You can also inquire where Group Yoga Therapy is available in the area.


Benefits of Yoga:

• Decrease Anxiety
• Improve Mood
• Wake up Energized
• Find Calm
• Build Strength
• Lower Stress Hormones
• Sharpen Focus
• Sleep Soundly
• Increase Flexibility
• Increase Beneficial Brain Hormones
• Mental Clarity


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