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Self-Esteem Therapy

Restore Your Self-Esteem

The benefits of healthy self-esteem are countless. Self-esteem is the foundation of which your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors emerge. Self-esteem determines your success because you cannot perform beyond the limits of the expectations you set for yourself. The way you think about yourself determines your beliefs, which affect your feelings that drive your behavior. Developing healthy self-esteem can be life-changing.

Low self-esteem sets limits to what you think you can do, which affects your school and job performance, stress, relationships, and social skills, as well as parenting, anxiety, depression, body image, boundaries, eating disorders...and much more.

Call Briones Counseling Services to sign up for a self-esteem group to learn how to develop healthy self-esteem.

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Benefits of Self-Esteem Counseling:

• You Can Be Yourself
• You Don't Fear Uncertainty
• You Are More Resilient
• It's OK to Not Know Everything
• You Are More Committed
• You Don't Feel the Need to Be Perfect
• You Accept Disagreements
• You Don't Need Approval from Others
• You Can Express Your Views with Confidence When Challenged